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Baltimore Refiles Wells Suit

Baltimre City’s lawsuit against the Wells Fargo Bank for discriminatory “reverse redlining” of African American subprime borrowers has been refiled with the court.  In January 2010 Judge Frederick Motz of the U.S. District Court dismissed the suit without prejudice on the grounds that it was too broad.  Baltimore’s legal team refiled an amended complaint, seeking damages for city costs directly attributable to Wells foreclosures, on April 7.  The case goes forward.  The full complaint can be seen here.

Judge Trims Baltimore Suit

The Judge in charge of Baltimore’s suit against the Wells Fargo Bank has rejected the suit on the grounds that Wells could  not have been responsible for the entire devastation of inner-city neighborhoods.  Read about the decision here.

American Casino on C-Span!

Leslie and Andrew Cockburn were interviewed on Brian Lamb’s terrific Sunday night show “Q&A” on Sunday, January 3, at 8 pm.  In the hour long discussion they talked about the background to the film, how and why they made it and many other fascinating details.  To watch the show or read the transcript, click here

Women Film Critics Circle awards AMERICAN CASINO Best Documentary 2009

Lady OscarThe Women Film Critics Circle is honored to award AMERICAN CASINO as Best Documentary 2009: Above And Beyond.

The Women Film Critics Circle is an association of 47 women film critics from around the country and internationally, who are involved in print, radio, online and television media.

We came together in 2004 to form the first women critics organization in the United States, in the belief that women’s perspectives and voices in film criticism need to be recognized fully, while offering a fresh and differently experienced perspective.